Logistics là gì?

Logistics is the process of planning, applying and controlling the flow of goods or transfer information related to fuel raw material (input) and final product (output) from point of origin to point consumption.

Logistics may temporarily not literally translated as "logistics", but perhaps far no Vietnamese equivalent terms. We can accept from logistics as a Vietnamese word has been turned, similar to many other words in fact accepted as container, marketing ...
Historical aspects
Historically, the term logistics comes from the ancient wars of empire Greeks and Romans. Meanwhile, the warrior titles "Logistikas" tasked to provide and distribute weapons and supplies to ensure conditions for safe operations soldiers from the headquarters to another location. The "logistics" are vital to the outcome of the war, when the parties sought to protect their supply sources and find ways of destroying enemy supply. Business processes that gradually form a system that came to be known as logistics management.
During World War II, the role of the "logistics" has been confirmed. Army logistics of American and allied troops proved more effective by the German army. American troops have ensured supply of weapons, ammunition, and military needs right place, right time, with the optimal method. Through promoting the advantages of logistics that America and its allies have repeatedly prevailed in the war. Also during this time, many of logictics application was developed and is still used today, although there have been few changes to suit the business environment.
In Vietnam law
The term logistics was also used in the official Trade Law, 2005, and is transcribed (in a rather "funny") under the Vietnamese as "logistic plot". Article 233 commercial law says:
"The logistics are commercial activities whereby traders implementing one or more of work includes delivery, transportation, warehousing, storage, customs clearance and other paperwork, client consultation, packaging, marking, delivery or other services related to the goods as agreed with the customer to remuneration. "
Defining academic
There are many definitions of the term academic logistics. According to the Professional Association of supply chain management (Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals - CSCMP), the term is quite adequate definition as follows:
"Logistics management is a part of supply chain management including planning, implementation and control of the transport and storage of goods efficiently, as well as service-related information from point of origin to the place consumption to meet customer requirements. Logistics management activities typically include transportation management and imported goods, fleet management, warehousing, material, order fulfillment, logistics network design, inventory management, planning supply / demand, vendor management services Tuesday. At a different level, the logistics function also includes sourcing inputs, production planning, packaging, customer service. Logistics management is an integrating function combine and optimize all logistics operations as well as coordinating logistics activities with other functions such as marketing, sales, manufacturing, finance and information technology. "
Distinguished from "supply chain"
If logistics is part of supply chain management, as defined above, then what is the rest? Distinguish logistics and supply chain look like? In other words, what other logistics supply chain?
To distinguish basis, we return to the concept of "supply chain" is the professional association of supply chain management.
Supply Chain Management including planning and management of all activities related to sourcing, purchasing, manufacturing, and all logistics management activities. At the critical level, supply chain management includes coordination and collaboration with channel partners, such as suppliers, intermediaries, service providers and customers. Basically, supply chain management integrates supply and demand management issues within and between companies together. Supply Chain Management is an integrating function with the first role is to connect the business functions and key business processes within the company and companies together into an effective business model efficient and cohesive. Managing the supply chain including all logistics management activities noted as well as the production and promotion of coordination of processes and activities of the marketing department, sales, product design, finance and information technology. "
If you compare the two definitions above, we can see the basic difference. The concept of a broader supply chain and logistics including manufacturing and process. In addition, supply chain operations focus more on purchasing (procurement) while solving logistics and strategic coordination between marketing and production.
1PL, 2PL, 3PL, 4PL is that?
When it comes to logistics, or you can listen to the service companies identified themselves as 3PL (Third Party Logistics provider), meaning that the company provides 3rd party logistics question is: What is 3PL if they is a 3rd party, so even the first party (1PL), the second (2PL), or fourth-party (4PL) is what? I watched each concept.
1PL: is the provision of goods, usually the consignor (shipper), or as the consignee (Consignee). Companies executing their logistics operations. The company owns the vehicles, buildings, cargo handling equipment and other resources, including human beings to perform logistics operations. This is the largest logistics conglomerate in the world with global logistics network, with sound business practices to suit each locality.
2PL: is the actual transport, such as shipping lines, airlines, truck carriers
3PL: is the total solution provider for logistics services for customers, they usually assume a portion, or all of the stages of the supply chain.
4PL: 4PL term was first used Accenture company, and this company is defined as follows: "A 4PL is an integrator Furniture assembles the resources, Capabilities, and technology of its own organization and other Organizations to design, build Comprehensive supply chain solutions and run. "
Examples of logistics services
Below are examples of logistics services company May 10, quoted from the article Vietship forum member named Dangerous Goods.
May 10 companies producing and distributing clothes everywhere inside and outside the country, delivery to site, until the sales price of the wholesale dealers, retailers, product recall failures, errors, sale outdated liquidation, sale, promotion..vv.
The basic work they do every day is to make contracts, purchase fabric, just, buttons, buckles, studs, day.vv ... in domestic and foreign, and would in many different countries, different cities (for can not buy all the accessories in one country, one city is due to price, design, quality in every place will have one advantage, each product will use 1 1 accessory or 1 special fabrics according true style of that order and will have to buy many kinds in many different cities, and fear of war, natural disasters, ... ..)
Commissioning works daily, weekly, monthly orders will be scheduled up before sending the shipping company (logistics companies) to this hour, this day, this month May 10 the company will need to cover many of Italy cont fabric, how many kilograms of Korean chrysanthemums, how much just from the factory in Bien Hoa moved out to the order of how much a day, ... Based on the order of the garment 10, the transport company to design plan and discuss with may 10 to decide what day they enter before, by any route, can combine or merge with each other or orders of another unit or not, etc ..., aim to save money transport maximum for may 10, catch up daily production without costly warehousing (this is not the company may 10 rows conditional transplant, there is no global system agents and plan to do good by the transport unit is).
If all went smoothly, workers who are not sick, do not lose power, no rain, no hurricanes, no earthquakes, no change orders, designs, no surplus or deficit, no price changes, no competitive and changing suppliers etc ... etc.. the transportation company so that work and collect money.
But, will always have the word "but", will be at 1 in the objective reasons to bring, May 10 forced to import raw materials for production than to keep up, it's time to transport siblings will be make optimal plans for clients, what goes by sea, air, road or a combination of the three .Vay is the freight forwarding company (logistics company) to engage more deeply into the real work business of May 10.
Baked goods prepared then plan to go local distributor how much, how many foreigners, this shop many products, how many other stores, the products you have transport then, now, the transport company is planning to close any menu, go ahead, there may be the odd rows, row containers, each set.
Goods sent to the destination port and the logistics company continues to do customs clearance, shipping and distribution warehouse or directly to each store or dealer set product sales for May 10 ... etc ...
Logisitcs company can collect, record the amount of consumer reports, inventory, barter, warranties, transfer requests more goods tomorrow, ... etc. ... for sewing 10 since May 10 with plans production, distribution, exchange, warranty, complaints and material suppliers, .... and notify the transportation company transport plan, this market is to this restaurant, do not need other goods, power and industrial markets sold through the markets move. Applicants who are still in the warehouse, which has a single market and what lies in store, which date shall sell, offer single, what kind. All, all the products are located at May 10 where any country, any city, any warehouse are managed transport company and changed daily updated May 10 Even with the seeking to expand distribution market in the country, requests, feedback from dealers, from market work, from customer transport companies can help as well since may 10 trucking companies they have a global system, the company knew about the native more smoothly in the trade bridge.

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